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“Strategy? Do I really need it?” 

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: hell yes.

To attract clients and hit your world domination targets, you need to stand out in a big way — by positioning yourself differently than the rest of your industry. A logo on its own, no matter how slick, won’t show people why they should go with you; that’s why you need a solid strategy.

Working together, we’ll help you find your niche in the market, establish your audience, define what you stand for, and against.  Basically — we’ll figure out what sets you apart from the competition, because the only way out of the Sea of Same is being brave and asking a sh*tload of questions. Will it feel like an interrogation? A bit. The kind of interrogation that leaves you with a clear, step-by-step path to growth, a solid action plan to get you there ASAP, and a smug grin each time you see your competition.

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Now that we (and, more importantly, you) have established your strategy, it’s makeover time — and you don’t need to be a teenage girl in a romcom to enjoy the hell out of it. This is where your hardworking strategy and positioning come to life through visual branding: from a logo you’re proud to show off, beautiful typography, art direction, image guidelines and animations. Essentially, everything you’ll need to come across as professional, trustworthy, and memorable. We’ll then package it up, with all the assets, into a Brand Guidelines document that explains (in a lot of crazy detail) how to use the assets so your team and any designer you use in the future, know exactly how your brand should look. 

Our designers have worked with loads of Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative startups and are total whizz-kids. They know exactly how to transform a solid strategy into a brand that converts a ‘who are you?’ to a ‘omg I love your brand and everything you do.’


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Over the years we’ve successfully rearranged all 26 letters in a variety of different ways for brands big and small. We know what sells and what doesn’t. We know how to resonate with your audience and get them to trust you. Because converting customers and clients is all about trust. And surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, copy that’s very corporate and bland doesn’t do that. “But I want to appear professional”, we hear you say. A lot of brands have a personality whilst still appearing professional. It’s not an either-or. And bland copy will simply make people switch off and look at chipmunk videos instead. 

So whatever you need: from brand naming and brand stories to slogans, headlines, web copy, and everything in between — we’ll give you words that work harder than a Google intern on her first day. 

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ContentSquare, says the average time on a webpage is 54 seconds. (So the fact that you’re reading this is a miracle). It sounds cynical, but people are looking for a reason to exit your site. 


So how do we keep potential clients on your site?


Firstly, we make you stand out.

Let’s play a game. Go on your website. Now google companies in your industry and click the first 3 companies that do a similar thing to you. How different is your site? If all the competitor sites look the same (corporate with too much information usually), and yours stands out, a potential client is instantly going to be drawn to yours. 


Secondly, we make sure your website has a clear user journey.

The best websites have a specific user journey, that guides the potential client through each section purposefully, to let them understand what you’re about and start trusting you more and more. So when it’s time to close the sale — it’s a no-brainer. 


But shouldn’t I spend all my money on advertising and marketing? Some of it yes. As that will drive traffic to the site. But you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money to get people there, and then lose them at the last hurdle. The website is the last step between you getting a sale, or them closing the tab. We can make sure it’s the former. 

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