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The 2 day  INTENSIVE.


Fortune 500 strategy & branding for female business owners (with a product or service-based business) to get you serious sales $$$.


got more info?

💰 “I need a clear strategy to

start making proper sales”

⚡️ “I need stand-out branding that

resonates with my audience”

⏰ “I need it all done now or sooner”

Enter: the 2 Day Intensive.





  • QUICK: We focus ONLY on your business for 2 days — building a strong foundation and creating stand-out branding. 🗓️


  • FORTUNE 500 EXPERTS:  we’ve worked with Google, PepsiCo and Mars and now want to help smaller businesses get set up and start making money.


  • DONE PROPERLY: We don’t rush the project. We just cut out all the back-and-forth emails and faff time so you get the work quicker.


  • DISCOUNTED: Linehouse is a Branding Agency (that also does websites, packaging and social media.) And this is a hell of a lot cheaper than the agency-style work we do. Shhh! But because it’s only 2 days, it’s feasible. And we want to open our services up to more female business owners.


  • IT WILL BE FUN (PROMISE) 🤪: You get to work with the best, chat through everything with us, have fun and ultimately get to something you and your clients/customers will love. 








  • A SOLID STRATEGY: so you know exactly who your audience is, why your business exists and an action plan for the future. ✅

  • STAND-OUT BRANDING: (logos, typography, imagery, colour palette and guidelines on how to use it all) that resonate with your audience so they start buying. 💵







Oh yeah. Hi! Linehouse is a strategic branding agency that’s worked with FORTUNE 500 companies like GOOGLE, PEPSICO and MARS for nearly a decade. 


Now we use all that expertise to help small female businesses — because we know how hard it is to get sales. We’re female-owned ourselves so know exactly what it’s like. 


We are focused on making you serious £££ but we also take fun seriously. Because this is a big step for your business and goddam, you should enjoy the hell out of it. 


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