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*Creating a GUT DRINK for people who really HATE THINKING about their GUT. 

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brand strategy,

visual identity,

verbal identity,
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Frooted is a gut-health-promoting drink for people who would rather not talk about gut health. They make plant-based prebiotic drinks that are good for people’s health, the community, and the planet; but whatever springs to mind when you hear that (crystal-healing, group meditations, kale for dessert), Frooted isn’t that.

They are young, fun-seeking, and chilled about it all. Ain’t nobody got time to study the microbiome — at least no one in their audience — so instead, Frooted offers different smoothies for several different health needs, and spreads the word about gut health in a non-stuffy way. Smoothie lovers, rejoice! Health freaks, you can sit with us.

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No brand is complete without a trusty tote bag.


There are five smoothie flavours, all designed to benefit you in different ways. And we've done the work — so all you need to do is grab the flavour you need, and off you go. *No research about sea moss required.

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Working with Linehouse has been absolutely amazing, as they have really taken the time out to do their research and think about the smaller details of my brand. They've also been very welcoming to feedback and genuine when advising what works from a marketing standpoint and what doesn't. In regard to the branding, all their work has looked very professional, creative and still simple and relatable. Creating gut-friendly badges, then including them on my packaging was a great idea. Overall, I have been extremely impressed, and I look forward to continuing working with them.

Letisha Larmond,

CEO, Frooted.


we've made other things, as well.

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